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Ammunition Belt

Members may use either the M1910 Dismounted Mills ammunition belt (or 1910 variants from other manufacturers) or the M1917. The M1910 Dismounted Mills belt was an adjustable woven cotton web belt with ten “puckered” pockets and “lift-dot” fasteners for .30-06 ammunition, carrying in each pocket 2 five round stripper clips for a total of 100 rounds in the belt. The belt also included eyelets for attaching various pieces of equipment such as the first aid packet, canteen, and haversack. The M1917 ammunition belt made of sewn canvas rather than woven webbing with the same eyelets for attaching points.  The sewn canvas construction was developed as a time saving manufacturing process.
At this time there are no sources for reproduction M1910 Dismounted Mills belts, however Schipperfabrik is offering a reproduction of the M1917 ammunition belt. We do not recommend the use of original ammunition belts.

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In addition to the ammunition belt, extra ammunition should be carried in a bandoleer.  Purchase your bandoleers from Schipperfabrik.