Collar Disks


Trench Boots



Knitted Articles

Rain Gear

Small Box Respirator

French M2 Gas Mask

Ammunition Belt

First Aid Pouch and Wound Dressing

M1910 Dismounted Haversack


Entrenching Tool

Shelter Tent

Musette Bag

M1917 US Rifle and Accoutrements

Personal Items

Food & Ration Guidelines



E-bay, Advance Guard Militaria, and Great War Militaria are all good sources for WW1 era US army bedding blankets.  However, WW1 era blankets are not always correctly listed or identified.  Before purchasing any blanket as a WW1 army bedding blanket, consult the article “US Army Blankets of the First World War” by Vincent Petty to gain a better understanding of WW1 era army blankets and how to identify them accurately.  The article can be found under the “Newsletter Article” section of the 80th Division’s website.

E-bay website – www.ebay.com

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Great War Militaria
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