Collar Disks


Trench Boots



Knitted Articles

Rain Gear

Small Box Respirator

French M2 Gas Mask

Ammunition Belt

First Aid Pouch and Wound Dressing

M1910 Dismounted Haversack


Entrenching Tool

Shelter Tent

Musette Bag

M1917 US Rifle and Accoutrements

Personal Items

Food & Ration Guidelines


Entrenching Tool

Each member must have one of the following entrenching tools:

M1910 shovel
M1910 pick/mattock

As with many pieces, at one time the only option was to use original items.  However, original e-tools are often fragile and not able to stand up to actual use.  With several quality reproductions available we can no longer recommend the use of original e-tools.

Schipperfabrik offers a quality reproduction M1910 shovel and carrier set. No Man’s Land Militaria offers a reproduction M1910 shovel but not a carrier.

Paul Schipper, proprietor
2945 Longbrooke Way
Clearwater, FL 33760
e-mail – info@schipperfabrik.com
website – http://www.schipperfabrik.com

No Man’s Land Militaria
Ken Niewiarowicz, proprietor
P.O.Box 74701
Romulus, Michigan, 48174-0701
email – wii1944@aol.com
website – http://www.nomanslandmilitaria.com