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Trench Boots



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Rain Gear

Small Box Respirator

French M2 Gas Mask

Ammunition Belt

First Aid Pouch and Wound Dressing

M1910 Dismounted Haversack


Entrenching Tool

Shelter Tent

Musette Bag

M1917 US Rifle and Accoutrements

Personal Items

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M1910 Dismounted Haversack

Each member needs the M1910 dismounted haversack and its components, which include the actual M1910 haversack, as well as the meatcan pouch and pack tail.
For an article on how to actually pack the M1910 Haversack


When we first assembled this vendor list, original M1910 haversacks were all that were available.  However, in the last several years accurate and quality made reproduction haversacks have become available to the reenacting community.  Additionally original pieces should be preserved.  Therefore we can no longer recommend the use of original pieces.

Schipperfabrik now offers a very good copy of the M1910 haversack, with the meatcan pouch and the pack tail available as a complete set.

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