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Musette Bag

Often the soldier in France found that his M1910 equipment did not offer enough capacity to carry all of his belongings and food. As a result many acquired an extra bag or Musette bag to help carry extra belongings.

Schipperfabrik offers a number of bags that may be put to use as a musette bag; in particular the reproduction Chauchat magazine bag and the SBR gas mask bag are acceptable as musette bags.

Paul Schipper, proprietor
2945 Longbrooke Way
Clearwater, FL 33760
e-mail – info@schipperfabrik.com
website – http://www.schipperfabrik.com

Great War Militaria offers a reproduction French bread bag that may be used as a musette bag (Item number RPF044). There is plenty of photographic and early motion picture evidence of French bags being used by American soldiers.

Great War Militaria
PO Box 552
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 17201
email – sales@greatwar.com
website – www.greatwar.com