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“SBR Gas Mask”

A serviceable small box respirator (SBR) gas mask is a must! Members have a choice of using either the British SBR or the American SBR. The SBR is probably the single most difficult piece of equipment to acquire and when the opportunity presents itself, BUY IT!

When we first assembled this vendor list we recommended the use of original SBR gas masks for use by our members.  However, times have changed with in the WW1 living history community and reproduction gas masks are much more common.  In addition original gas masks are an important part of our historical record and because of this we will no longer recommend the use of original gas masks.

Reproduction SBR Gas Mask

Schipperfabrik offers a reproduction of both the British and American SBR gas mask; he is also the only maker of a quality reproduction gas masks. These are manufactured in limited runs each year, usually made in the late summer or fall of the year. Cost for the British mask is $175 and for the American mask is $190.

Paul Schipper, proprietor
2945 Longbrooke Way
Clearwater, FL 33760
e-mail – info@schipperfabrik.com

For the SBR masks Tommy’s Pack Fillers has available the anti-dimming compound and the “gas diary and repair kit.” The anti-dimming compound was used to keep the eye pieces from fogging up when the mask was in use and the diary and repair kit was used to track the use of the mask and repair and tears to the hood. These two items were to be found in every gas mask, and yet today are often missing.

Tommy’s Pack Fillers
Geoff Carefoot, proprietor
18 Risedale Drive,
e-mail – geoff@tommyspackfillers.com
website – www.tommyspackfillers.com