Assembling the Infantryman’s Kit
Clothing and Equipment Guidelines

Our goal as an organization is to re-create the men of the 80th Division, and the Doughboy in general, during the last months of the First World War – in particular the Muse-Argonne Offensive. In addition to learning the drill and mannerisms of the American soldier, it is very important to purchase the appropriate clothing and equipment. The purpose of this guide is to match up our members with the appropriate clothing and equipment from those proven vendors who make or sell authentic and quality reproductions or sell quality original items. Following this guide will insure that new members purchase correct and appropriate items.

Please keep in mind that we have provided a number of sources and while one source may offer an item that is correct, authentic, and perfectly acceptable for use, that same vendor may offer another item that is neither correct nor acceptable. Please only purchase items from the vendors listed for that item.

Basic Infantry Kit

Tunic (M1912 or war time variants)
Overseas Cap
Helmet (M1917 or British “Brodie”)
Collar Disks
Waist Belt
Dog Tags
Over Coat

Ammunition Belt (M1910 dismounted Mills belt or war time variants)
Canteen, Cup and Cover
First Aid Pouch
First Aid Tin

M1910 Dismounted Haversack
Pack Carrier
Entrenching Tool (M1910 Shovel or Pick/mattock)
Meatcan Pouch
Meatcan, knife, fork and spoon
Bacon Tin
Condiment Can
Shelter Half
Shelter Tent Pole
Shelter Tent Pins (5)
Musettte Bag (French Haversack, Grenade Bag, Chauchat Bag, etc.)

Rifle (M1917)
Bayonet (M1917)
Bayonet Scabbard (M1917)
Rifle Oiler
Stripper Clips
Small Box Respirator Gas Mask (British or American)
M-2 Gas Mask

Personal/comfort Items

Approved Vendor List