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WACs in Manila

These photos were included in a bag along with the “with the WACs from Manila to New Jersey” letter and photos that we posted earlier.  We’re not 100% sure they’re from the same WACs, but it makes sense.  Some of these were inscribed with captions, others were stamped with location names.  We’re guessing that the inscribed ones are personal photos, and stamped ones are purchased photos. Continue reading WACs in Manila

1926 Camping Trip to Washington D.C.

These are the photos from Harry F. Ross’s Camping trip to Washington D.C. in 1926.  Robin & I bought the photo album years ago.  We’ve always loved their overlanding setup using the tent that attaches to their car.  I hope you enjoy the photos.  I’ll include all the captions that were written in the original album, but sadly not all photos are captioned. Continue reading 1926 Camping Trip to Washington D.C.