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Cold War Remembrance Party!

There were two entrances to the party - one for Communists, one for Anti-Communists. This sign was outside the door to the Communist entrance. When you entered each door, you were greeted by the appropriate room - Anti or Pro communist propaganda posters, furnishings, etc.

As we were entering the party, the Berlin Wall was outside taking a smoke break.
Of course they were guarded by a Russian Guard.
Steve Brown guarding the Wall. (sorry I never got the names of the wall)

Some of the Communist & Anti-Communist Party Goers!
Angie Brown, Steve Brown, Wendy Baily, Robin Mead, Stephanie McKinnell

Gordon Jones(Portraying a Communist) and John McKinnell(Portraying an Anti-Communist)

Ahhh, the death of Hitler, at the hands of the Russians. Funny, but it looks like Eva is laughing!
Left to Right - Angie Brown, Steve Brown(no relation), Myers Brown, Lisa Lewis

Hmmm is the time past for a Monarchy?
Rick Joslyn as the Czar

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