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1942 Dodge WC-52

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WC-52 as purchased in Fall of 2003

These are the photos of my new WC-52 Dodge Weapson Carrier.

This vehicle is in substancially better shape than the 1944 MB that I've already restored.

This vehicle most probably served in the ETO during WW2. It was purchased in the 1990's when the Norwegians sold off their surplus vehicles to the collector market. The previous owner added the USMC markings and carried out "normal" maintenance on the vehicle.

The Dodge now has about 10,000 miles on it since the last depot rebuild. It had a little over 8,000 miles on it when it was sold by the Norwegian Army.

Some of the things I need/plan to do:

1. The tires are Norwegian tread pattern, not the correct WW2 US pattern. I'll need to swap those out for correct repro tires.

2. The small running lights on the fenders, and the tail lights on the sides of the cargo body are also a Norwegian addition. Althought it's quite functional, they weren't there originally, and therefore will be taken off! In the interest of safety, I'll convert the original right tail light to work as a brake light too.
(on WW2 vehicles, the left tail light was a brake light/black out light and the right tail light was a black out brake light / black out light...leaving you only one "real" brake light)

3. The truck needs a fresh paintjob. Some of the paint is getting thin, and there's a little surface rust.

4. The truck needs canvas for the cab area & the cargo area. Those are on order from "Weebee Webbing".

5. ??? I'm sure I'll think of more! Stay tuned!

July 19, 2005 - Long Overdue Updates

I've been out of the loop on this page for quite a while. Here's the short version to fill you in on what's happened. I've gotten the correct tires & canvas on the truck. So far I've also done the following work to the truck: 1) all new brake lines, master cylinder, and wheel cylinders 2) NOS Carb 3) new fuel/water separator 4) lots of small bits & pieces fixed, replaced, or otherwise mucked with. I still need to weld up the holes from the Norwegian modifications & give the truck a paintjob, but for now I've been trying to enjoy the truck at events.

Douglas Veterans Reunion - October 2004

Douglas, Ga. was the home to a contract flight training base during WW2. Every other year, the veterans hold a reunion. When the veterans came to the airport for the dedication of the restored barracks/museum, we gave the veterans a tour of the airport in the Weapons Carrier & Rick Joslyn's 1943 Ford GPW.

Robin & I in front of the Dodge. This was taken by the door to the hanger where the Veterans were treated to a BBQ lunch...followed by rides in Steerman Aircraft...the same type Aircraft the Veterans flew in Douglas.

Photo by Dan Patrick
These guys were a riot! I think this picture was taken right after one of the veterans in the back had questioned the navigation skills of the vet seated beside me in the passenger's seat. My favorite comment from the day was: "Sergeant, take these men back to base, they're too drunk to be out any longer!"

Photo by Dan Patrick
This is a picture from behind the truck. We brought a step ladder to make it easier for the veterans to get into/out of the truck.
My wife, Robin, is seated on the left side of the Dodge.

Celebrate Freedom Airshow - Camden, SC - November 2004

Ok, I've cheated on this one. I replaced the hot dog vendors, spectators, and all the modern stuff behind the truck with a runway & B-17. I didn't cheat too bad, because, the picture was taken at Camden, but it wasn't near as quaint! The foreground picture was taken by Freda Kusak, background photo by Brian Mead.

Roll over image to see original background

Western Front Tactical - Spring Hill, Tennessee - Spring 2005

This was the first tactical where I really got to use the truck. I transported troops, supplies, wounded, and the mortar team during the tactical.

My truck parked outside the Command Post on Saturday Morning.

My Weapons Carrier & a Medical Jeep parked outside the Command Post.

30th Division Mortar Team

Taking a break before the final attack of the day.

4th of July Parade 2005 - Griffin, Ga

This is the 2nd year that we've provided vehicles for the VFW and American Legion.

CJV-35/U 1943 Ford GPW 1942 Ford GPW 1944 Willys MB 1942 Dodge WC-52
Vehicles left to right:
Robin Mead's 1950 USMC CJV-35/U, Rick Joslyn's 1943 Ford GPW, Brian Mead's 1944 Willys MB driven by Peter Farina, Steve Thrasher's 1942 Ford GPW, and Brian Mead's 1942 Dodge WC-52.

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