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General Hindman's Escort

The following item was taken from, _Military Collector and Historian_. VoL.XLI, No. 4 and was originally submitted by Thomas Arliskas. It is excerpted from the Journal of John Johnston of the 7th Tennessee Cavalry. While brief, it Provides an interesting insight as to clothing and equipage of the '64 Tennessee Carnpaign.

[November 1864]

Almost everything we wore then was made at home. Excellent woolen and cotton cloth was made and dyed at home. Our people also manufactured their own boots, shoes, and bridles, saddles, and harness. A good suit of homemade jeans clothes was almost as warm and comfortable as any winter goods we wear now.

The Southern soldiers found the Texas or Mexican [saddle] or others made after that pattern much better, and discarded the McClellan saddle whenever they could.

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