civil war : living historians in action

Ft. Pulaski, Georgia

Muster of 1st Ga Regulars, March 1861
(reenacted March 2001)

I've tried to put the photos in chronological order. You'll notice the changes in the men as we progress thru training. Also note the third photo, we've received our first issue of shirts. Some of the men have been issued blue overshirts, some are till wearing battle shirts made by wifes/mothers, ad some are still wearing their clothes brought from home.

Almost all weapons used by the troops are smoothbore muskets. Weapons included many pre- Civil War US firearms, including: Model 1842, Model 1816, Mississippi Rifle, and many others.

The troops were made up of members of various units.
The cooks & washerwomen were members of the Chattahoochee Refugee Society.

civil war : living historians in action