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Photo Retouching

Here are examples of photographs I've edited to either clean up the original, add a period look to a modern photo, or just modify history. These are just low-res versions of the actual photos. I generally do the work at a resolution high enough to be able to print at least an 8" x10".

Photo Repair & Restoration

Here's an the original photo, taken by my Aunt-in-law. As you can see, like many prints from the 1970's, the color has faded & taken on an overall red cast.

Here's the same photo after I've adjusted the contrast, brought back the color, and repainted some of the areas damaged by time & bad developer.

Here's a photo from about 1964. From the white spots, you can see that there is damage to the photo. Also, over the years, the color has faded.

Here's my repairs to the photo. Notice I've repaired all the creases, folds, scraped spots etc. Also the color is brighter and more saturated.

Photo Modification

Here's an original photo taken in Normandy in June 1944. Troopers in the photo are from the 501st AB .

Here's the same photo after I've added Brian Cardinali, a WW2 reenactor, to the photo

Here's a photo of Guy Musgrove. The photo was taken at the reenactment of the battle of Pickett's Mill.

I've developed some layers in Photoshop which allow me to easily make the photo look like it is a glass plate photo.


Here's a Robin Mead & Stephanie McKinnell. The photo was taken by Lisa Pace, at the immortal 600 event held at Fort Pulaski.

Here's the same photo after I've added the glass plate layers to it.


John McKinnell's photo taken at a recent "retro party"

Here's the photo with colors modified to give it the look of aged film. Often as film ages, the light areas go yellow while the dark areas go purple.

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