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  1. The Army issues military clothing of a personal nature, including underwear, footwear, and headgear, which is required by all enlisted personnel for general duty wear. Essential items and quantities of this clothing are prescribed as initial allowances for all enlisted personnel.
  2. Once you have received your initial issue, it is your responsibility to keep all your clothing in good serviceable condition. The Army assists you by giving you, after 6 months of service, money to keep your clothing in acceptable condition. This extra money is called "Uniform and Clothing Monetary Allowance."
    1. After 6 months, your pay will include a $4.20 clothing allowance each month.
    2. After 36 months; your clothing allowance will increase to $5.40 per month.
    3. It will be your responsibility to save this money for purchase of replacement items or to repair your uniform.
  3. Remember that you are entitled to free alteration on your uniform for the first 6 months you are in the Army. Check the fit of your uniforms before this period is passed.
  4. Marking of Clothing. You must know these things:
    1. Only selected items of clothing are marked for identification purposes. All other items will not be marked.
    2. Marking will be made with either stencils, pen, and rubber or metal stamps, using indelible waterproof marking ink. Items of a dark color should be marked in white, and items of a light color should be marked in black.
    3. The size of the letters and numerals is determined by space available and type of material. Normally the characters should not be less than one-eighth of an inch nor more than one-half of an inch high. An exception will be the duffel bag which is explained in d (4) below.
    4. Selected Items.
      1. Footgear. Inside right quarter near top.
      2. Headgear. Inside, on sweatband. Under sweatband if band turns down.
      3. Belt, web, waist. Inside starting from metal buckle tip.
      4. Duffel bag. Size of letters and numerals will be not less than 1 inch nor more than 2 inches in height. The reception center will place the required markings in the proper place. It's up to you to keep them legible.
  5. While serving in the Army you can always expect to stand clothing inspections. This is done to allow your commanders to insure—
    1. That you have the required amount of clothing.
    2. That the condition and repair of the clothing is satisfactory. The charts on the following pages show you how to display your equipment.

Clothing Marking


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