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These photos were take at the Firebase Friday event held at Nathan Friday's Farm. For more information on this event, visit the Texas 25th Division's site.

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3rd Platoon at Friday's Farm


Patrol leaving FirebaseCompany Co, Fletcher IsacksGIs restingTyler OggJeff ReedNVA regularJoe GrimesJordan ComptonLouis VarnellBrian MeadJeff Reed

Tyler Ogg (l) and Brian Mead (r)Kevin Pecor

Tyler Ogg 3rd Platoon Squad Tyler Ogg Jordan Compton Brian Mead Jeff Reed Kevin Pecor Louis Varnell Joe Grimes

Photos of Firebase Friday

Field Mess

Field Mess run by Pete Cash and Alex Burcham

Cooking & KP
Pete Cash cooks while Brad LaGrange is on KP


3rd Platoon's Hooch

Company CO's Hooch
Company CO's hooch


Shower M151 jeep

Troops, jeep, and the firebase tower

2 Seat LatrineLatrine burning detail


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