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The evening of May 13, 1968, Alpha & Charlie Companies of the 2-12th Infantry, 199th LIB were probed and then slammed by various Communist units trying to pull back from Saigon and reach the safety of their Cambodian sanctuaries. A monsoon rainstorm made the situation even worse with visibility reduced to practically near zero. The firefight at FSB Hun was very intense and both Companies exhausted their mortar ammunition very early in the fight.

While Alpha & Charlie Companies were fighting for their lives, further south of FSB Hun, Bravo and Delta Companies of 2-3rd Infantry were also engaged with retreating Communist units. Fighting was very heavy with enemy troops getting through the perimeter wire and close enough to lob grenades into the Redcatchers midst. The battle raged all through Monday night and by Tuesday, the Communists had had enough…they broke contact Tuesday morning leaving 86 bodies along with weapons, ammunition and equipment.


2LT at night


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