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Scenario: Company C 2/3 Infantry (199th LIB Sep. Det.) has been tasked with establishing a forward base and LZ in Long Khanh Province in July, 1969.  This is an area where the VC has been in control of the local villages and the local roads are used as a supply and infiltration route for the main force NVA regulars. Known VC/NVA units in the area are the 274th Main Force VC Regiment and the 33rd NVA Regiment.  Initial Company objectives include:

VC/NVA objectives include maintaining control and use of the local road and trail network for supply routes and disruption of the US operations in the area.


Bail Out the Bunker Chow Time Cooks Mealtime Chat Form Up Rest time Mike Murphy Commo Check Clint Rest time Joking Around Kip Fordham Planning Operations On patrolSit Rep more patrolling and more patrolling Change of Direction Time to Talk Helmet Camo Platoon Sgt & Squad Leader and more patrolling Charlie hunting charlie Orders RTO under fire Ready Wounded Prisoner Mike & Dave



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