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M16A1 Disassembly:

M16A1 Assembly:

Magazine Disassemly

Magazine Assembly

Care and Cleaning.

Cleaning Rifle. Clean and lightly lubricate with LSA the lugs in barrel extension, bore. and chamber. Clean and lightly lubricate the bolt carrier. Lubricate slide cam pin area, piston rings, outside bolt body, and in bolt carrier key.
(CAUTION: Apply only a light coat of LSA to firing pin and firing pin recess).

Use rifle bore cleaning compound (RBC) to clean powder fouling in the upper receiver. Clean outside surface of protruding gas tube with a worn bore brush. Coat all other surfaces with lubricant. Apply a light coat of LSA to buffer, action spring, and inner surfaces of lower receiver extension. Use generous amount inside lower receiver and on all components.

Cleaning Magazine. Wipe dirt from tube, spring, and follower, then lightly lubricate the spring.

Cleaning Ammunition. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe dirt and foreign matter from ammunition. Do not coat with oil.


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