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To Operate Set

  1. The numbers of steps 1 through 6 below relate to the numbers on the diagram.
    1. Install the antenna required for the type of operation in the ant mount.
    2. Attach handset H-138/U to either audio connector.
    3. Turn the function switch to on.
    4. Turn the band switch to the desired operating frequency band.
    5. turn the MC tuning and KC tuning control knobs until the desired frequency appears in the channel dial (7).
    6. Turn the volume control to 4.
    7. Press the handset H-138/U push-to-talk switch and speak into handset. Release the push-to-talk switch to listen.
    8. Adjust the volume control (6) for a desirable sound level.
    9. To reduce the rushing noise when no signal is being received, turn switch (3) to squelch.

To Turn Set Off

  1. Turn the function switch (3) to off.

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