war dept usa number


    1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1951 1960 1961 1972 1973 1988
Bales Fixed July   Sept                
  Swivel/Flexible     Oct               End
Rim Butt Front July   Oct                
  Rear     Nov                
Rim Material Stainless Steel July                    
Paint Texture Cork July       Aug            
  Sand/Silica all post war           Start          
Paint Color Dark Green July       Aug            
  Light Green OD 319           Start Stop        
Chin Strap Sewn on bale w/ bar tack July       Aug            
  OD steel clip to bale           Start Stop        
  Black steel clip to bale               Start   Stop End
  Angled steel clip to bale                   Start End
Chinstrap Khaki July   Phase Out                
  OD7 Color       Nov              
(R) Chinstrap Brass Buckle July   Dec                
  Steel Buckle/Black   Jan Dec                
  Steel Buckle/OD w/ Rolled Edge July                    
  Chin Strap Release Buckle (T1)       July              
(R) Chinstrap End Clip w/Round Corners July       Aug            
  End Clip w/Square Corners         Start       Stop    
  Chin Cup No End Clip                   Start End
(L) Chinstrap 2 Prong Solid Hook July       Aug            


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