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This was the first event of 2006 for 3rd Platoon. We were attached to the 2nd Rangers for this event. Some of these photos were taken with a "james bond" zippo lighter camera that my wife gave me. If you'd like to get a zippo camera, you can get them at ThinkGeek.com . More photos will be posted as the 35mm slides are developed. The rest were taken with a period Kodak camera.

liri squad
3rd Platoon members at Liri
(rear) Steve Thrasher, Brian Mead, Louis Varnell, Phil Brinson
(front) Bo Turocy, Kevin Pecor


4 troops
Bo Turocy, Steve Thrasher, Phil Brinson, and Kevin Pecor before heading into the field Saturday morning.

3rd Platoon heading toward the ill-fated bridge crossing

Phil Brinson
Taking Cover after the patrol was halted by the krauts defending the bridge.


Our patrol flanking kraut stronghold on Sunday


One of our adversaries

Kevin Pecor
Kevin Pecor

Bo Turocy
Bo Turocy

Louis & Bo preparing to defend against the kraut counterattack

Matt Rhodes & Steve Thrasher eating the BBQ Chicken Dinner Saturday Night

Our Camp
Our camp at the event. We used a remnant of a deuce tarp as our shelter.

mead jeep
Brian Mead's 1944 Willys MB

main camp
Main Allied camp


kraut advance
Krauts head off toward the Allied stronghold

Krauts cautiously advancing thru the woods.

Keving Pecor resting at the top of the final objective.

Kevin Pecor
Kevin Pecor

Brian Mead
Brian Mead

Bo Turocy
Bo Turocy

Louis Varnell
Louis Varnell

Lou with Italian
Louis Varnell with one of the Italian Soldiers


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