Dremel BitsYou can make believable rivets by using a worn down Dremel grinding wheel & a heat knife.  The image to the left shows the original dremel bit along with the one that I wore out trying to sharpen a lawnmower blade. (that was LONG ago, I've got the proper tools to sharpen bladest these days!)


To make the simulated rivets, just do a punch cut (tap the end of the bit to the EVA foam) with the grinding wheel. Do a test before commiting to your prop. The speed you have the dremel set at will affect how quickly the ring is cut. The trick is figuring out how slowly you can set the dremel without having the bit drift across the surface.

Once you've cut all the rings for the simulated rivets, use the blunt tip on a heat knife to make the center hole of the rivet.


Garron Paduk Shoulder Strap
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