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Tutorials, Hints and Tips

Introduction to EVA Armor Crafting

Basic Tools & Supplies

Creating the Pattern

Cutting and Shaping the EVA Foam

Assembling the Armor

Plastidipping and Painting the Armor

Surface Details

Simulated Leather Strapping

Simulated Rivets

Painting Stencils


Gears of War

Photo by
Christopher Michael Wong

Build Albums


Marcus Fenix - Gears of War 3

Anya Stroud - Gears of War 3

Marcus & Anya photoshoot at Sloss Furnace - photos by Dim Horizon Studios

Garron Paduk - Gears of War: Judgment

Bernie Mataki - Gears of War 3


Titanfall MCOR Battle Rifle Costume - in progress (HSF Blog Post)


XCOM Assault Soldier Armor Facebook Ablum - XCOM: Enemy Unknown
XCOM Assault Soldier Body Armor Blog Post - More in depth "how to" info


Mad Max Fury Road: Max's Shoulder Plate - (HSF blog post)



Gears of War 3 COG Knife - Scratchbuilt knife made from EVA foam and sheet PVC

Gears of War Longshot Sniper Rifle - Scratchbuilt Sniper rifle

Gears of War Lancer - Repaint of NECA replica

Gears of War Snub Pistol - Custom paint of raw resin kit made by Cos.n.FX


XCOM Assault Rifle - XCOM: Enemy Unknown, 3D Printed - in progress

XCOM Shotgun - XCOM: Enemy Unknown, 3D Printed

XCOM Pistol - XCOM: Enemy Unknown, 3D Printed





Here are some of our game inspired liquor bottle labels.

Tyran Sapphire - Gears of War themed label for Bombay Sapphire bottle

Dizzy Wallin Moonshine - Label that might have been applied to some of Dizzy's homebrew

NCOG Rum - What's a Navy without their rum ration?

Gorasni Vodka - a perfect opposite for the COG Gin!


Gears Liquor

Gears Liquor


These are the flattened exports from the in game model. This can be used to develop your own templates (these are HUGE files!) See Creating the Pattern for more info on how to use these files.

Gears of War

Sam Byrne

Anya Stroud

Marcus Fenix

Garron Paduk

These are the basic templates I used to make my Garron Paduk armor. They are scaled to fit someone who is 6'3" tall, 48" chest and 40" waist (38" jeans). If you're a different size, you'll need to scale these to fit you.

Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max

XCOM: Enemy Unknown


Sam's Chest Armor

Inspiring Costumers, Fabricators, and Prop Makers

Smeeon Fabrications

Stony Props

Volpin Props

Volpin Props YouTube Channel

God Save the Queen Fashions

Evil FX /

Punished Props

Punished Props YouTube Channel