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Trench Boots

Permitted footwear options are:
1917 US Trench Boot
British Army Boot
French Army Boot

For a great article on the American manufactured boots, here is a link to an article –
“Little Tanks”
By Jim Bond

Mattimore Harness offers reproductions of the US M1917 boot and the French 93 boot.  These are beautiful copies of these boots, very well made and comfortable.  These are custom made items, manufactured to tracings and measurements of your feet.  Price is $150 and delivery is pretty quick.  Mattimore Harness is our most highly recommended supplier for boots.

Mattimore Harness
509 South Second Street
Laramie, WY 82070
e-mail – tom@civilwarboots.com
Website – http://www.civilwarboots.com/

1917 Trench Boot
Great War Militaria offers a copy of the 1917 US trench boot listed as a “generic all country” boot. These boots come with the heel rims installed but, will require the addition of hobnails by your local cobbler. Price is $190.

Great War Militaria
PO Box 552
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 17201
email – sales@greatwar.com
website – www.greatwar.com