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French M2 Gas Mask

The M2 was a cloth mask impregnated with chemicals that neutralized most poison gas when breathed through the mask, and issued as a secondary gas mask to American troops.

We do not recommend at all the use of original M2 gas masks; these are rare and deserve to be preserved and conserved. There are a number of manufacturers of reproduction M2 gas mask, but we only recommend one maker – Schipperfabrik

Schipperfabrik makes the single best reproduction of the M2 gas mask at a very reasonable price. For the Doughboy impression purchase from Schipperfabrik the M2 mask with cloth carry bag. These masks are usually made in limited runs, so check the website for availability.

Paul Schipper, proprietor
2945 Longbrooke Way
Clearwater, FL 33760
e-mail – info@schipperfabrik.com
website – http://www.schipperfabrik.com