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M1917 US Rifle and Accoutrements

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“US Enfield”

There is no single source for the M1917 rifle. The best source is your own local gun shop, gun shows or from local private owners. In recent years internet classified and auction sites have proved to be good sources for M1917 rifles.  Two of the better sites are Guns American and Gun Broker.

Guns America – http://www.gunsamerica.com/
Gun Broker – http://www.gunbroker.com/

The most sought after M1917 rifles are those manufactured by Winchester and Remington and are the more expensive models. Those rifles manufactured by Eddystone are more common and more affordable. Expect to pay between $400-$550 for an Eddystone and $600 or more for Remingtons and Winchesters. Make sure that an M1917 in .30-06 is what you are purchasing and not the British model P1914 rifle in .303 British.

The M1917 bayonet and scabbard is also required and should be able to be purchased from the same source as the rifle, if possible, in addition M1917 bayonets can also be purchased at local gun shows and from local private sellers. Note that the American M1917 bayonet and the British P1913 (not to be confused with the P1907 bayonet for the British SMLE rifle) bayonet are the same bayonets, and Remington manufactured both. In fact the British government sold many P1913 bayonets to the US and these bayonets can be identified because the British markings are “x” out and American markings stamped on the blade. While the M1917 is preferred the P1913 is acceptable. E-bay proves to be a good source along with Guns America and Gun Broker for bayonets and it is not difficult to find the M1917 bayonet with the M1917 scabbard. However what is also often seen is the M1917 without scabbard, or with a British scabbard. In that case a replacement/reproduction scabbard needs to be purchased. Depending on the condition of the bayonet, whether there is a scabbard with the bayonet etc., you may pay between $70-$180, with $125 being the average cost.

E-bay website – www.ebay.com

International Military Antiques sells a replacement scabbard for $20 (item number YU1000)

International Military Antiques, Inc.
P.O. Box 256
Millington, NJ 07946
908-903-0106 fax
e-mail – customerservice@ima-usa.com
website – www.ima-usa.com


A rifle sling will be needed. Either one of the following models are acceptable:

M1907 leather sling w/brass fittings
M1917 Kerr web/canvas sling

E-bay is a good source for both reproduction and original M1907 leather slings and the M1917 web Kerr sling. Prices will vary depending on whether a reproduction or original and condition.

E-bay website – www.ebay.com

Turner Saddlery is another source for reproduction M1907 rifle sling. He offers both WW2 and WW1 sling so make sure you order the WW1 era M1907 sling with brass fittings.

Turner Saddlery
PO Box 120
Clay, Alabama 35048-0120
205-680-4250 Fax
e-mail – tursad@aol.com
Website – http://turnersling.com

What Price Glory offers a reproduction of the M1917 “Kerr No-Buckle” sling for the M1917 rifle.  It can be found on their website under “American” items and then under the listing for “weapons related” items.  Cost is $25.

What Price Glory
238-A Commission Street
Salinas CA 93901
Website – http://whatpriceglory.com


A rifle oiler and pull through thong will also be necessary for maintaining the rifle in the field. The best places to find the oiler and thong are at your local gun shop, gun show, or on E-bay.  The correct oiler is the brass and nickel plated model.


Each member will need at minimum 20, but preferably 32 brass (WW1 era) .30-06 stripper clips (20 for 100 rounds in the ammunition belt and 12 to hold 60 rounds to fill out a bandoleer).
The use of post-war steel stripper clips are permitted for battle reenactments, where the loss of stripper clips are bound to happen, but brass wartime stripper clips are a must for living histories and public events.

Gary’s Guns is one source for original brass .30-06 stripper clips.

Gary’s Guns
6408 NW 30th Terrace
Bethany, OK. 73008-4152
405-789-3294 fax
e-mail – garys615@aol.com
website – http://www.garysguns.com/

Stripper clips are one of the more difficult items to find.  Old sources dry up and new sources become available all of the time.  Should you find one source without stripper clips search around the internet for another.