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Collar Disks

Each member needs a total of three collar disks. These include the “US” collar disk worn on the right collar and the infantry’s crossed rifle collar disk (or branch of service) worn on the left collar. The third disk is worn on the overseas cap. Regulations stated that the disk on the cap would be the same as that worn on the left collar. However, photographic evidence shows a variety of disks were actually worn on the cap. As a result the disk worn on the cap may either be the “US” or infantry disk.

The “US” disk may be the block lettered “US” or the script lettered “USNA” disk, or the block lettered “USNA” disk. The “US” with the regimental number “318” disk when found is also acceptable.

The infantry crossed rifles disk may be either the plain crossed rifles, or crossed rifles with the letter “F”, or crossed rifles with both the regimental number “318” and the letter “F.”

Original Collar Disks

The single best source for original collar disks is E-bay. Prices range from $5-$20 all depending on style and condition. However, no one should pay more that $10 for a “US” “USNA” or infantry collar disks.

E-bay website – www.ebay.com

Schipperfabrik offers a wide selection of reproduction collar disks and a set of disks are provided with your uniform purchase from Schipperfabrik.  Paul has reproduced a copy of the “US 318” collar disk.  When ordering your uniform let him know that you are in the 318th to receive appropriate collar disks.

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