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Both the American M1917 helmet and the British “Brodie” helmet are appropriate for use. The helmet must be olive drab and plain without insignia nor painted with camouflage patterns.

For an excellent article on the American M1917 helmet –

“The M-1917 Helmet”
By Mark A. Renosa

For an article on restoring an American M1917 helmet –

“Restoring the M1917 Helmet”
By Vincent A. Petty

Restored Helmets

Great War Militaria offers limited quantities of restored helmets. Original helmet shells are repainted and new reproduction liners are installed. Price $150.00
Great War Militaria
PO Box 552
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 17201
email – sales@greatwar.com
website – www.greatwar.com

Original Helmets

E-bay has proven to be a great source for original First World War equipment. There are usually about a dozen helmets of varying condition that can be found on E-bay on any day. If you choose E-bay as a source we highly recommend showing the helmets you intend to bid on to one of the unit leadership. They can advise whether it is worth bidding on and a fair bidding price. E-bay is also a great source for a shell for do it yourself restoration, in which you can install a reproduction liner from Prairie Flower Leather Co.

E-bay website – www.ebay.com

Advance Guard Militaria is another excellent source for original helmets. They publish a new catalogue eight times a year listing their current inventory. The catalogue can be found on the web or received by mail. They provide a fair description and photographs of helmets that are for sale. Look for a helmet with about 70% or better rough texture remaining and a liner in decent shape. Plain helmets without unit markings or camouflage usually are listed in the $70-$100 range.

Advance Guard Militaria
270 State Highway HH
Burfordville, Missouri 63739
573-243-1833 for information
1-800-AEF-1918 for orders
e-mail – jeff@advanceguardmilitaria.com
website – www.advanceguardmilitaria.com

Do It Yourself

Prairie Flower Leather Co. offers reproduction M1917 helmet liners for installation into your original shell.

Prairie Flower Leather Co.
RR 3, Box 156B
Ord, NE 68862
e-mail – pflc@cornhusker.net
website – http://www.cornhusker.net/~pflc/